HIDA-TAKAYAMAHistoric, well-preserved merchant's town in central Japan

About Takayama

Takayama City, often called Hida-Takayama to distinguish it from the many other Takayama’s in Japan, is one of the major countryside tourist destinations and worth a visit for history aficionado’s and nature lovers.

As a former merchant hub, Takayama has many buildings that allude to their trading business hundreds of year ago. The city flourished in the Edo Period (1600 ~ 1868) and many of the buildings are still of that period in time.

In the old part of town called Old Town you can find merchant houses, sake breweries, art galleries, shrines and temples, and museums. Many of the houses are open to the public so you can get an idea of how the people (of good standing) lived many years ago. Old town’s riverside street is also the site for one of Takayama’s morning markets 6:00 in summer, 7:00 in winter to noon), where you find fresh fruits and vegetables, crafts, flowers, and more.

The Takayama Festival is held twice a year; once in April, once in October. It displays what is considered to be one of the three most beautiful festivals that feature floats. The floats and mikoshi (portable shrines) are shown around town during the day, and at night the floats are again displayed, but this time the lanterns are lit. 

A 30-minute walk from the Takayama city center you can find the Hida Folk Village, an open-air museum which displays houses from the Edo period (1600-1868). These houses were relocated from other areas in Gifu Prefecture, which used to be called Hida, hence the name of the museum. All houses are accessible and open to the public. 

Those loving Japanese wagyu will enjoy the beef of Takayama, called Hida beef. This is considered one of the top wagyu brands and according to some, even trumps Kobe beef.

General Information about Takayama

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Festival dates:
Spring Festival ・ April 14-15,
Autumn Festival ・ October 9-10

5-51 Hanasato-machi, Takayama-shi, Gifu Prefecture

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How to get to Takayama

Option 1: Tokyo Station → Toyama Station → Takayama

1. From Tokyo Station to Toyama Station (2 hours):
Take the Hokuriku Shinkansen from Tokyo Station to Toyama Station.

2. From Toyama Station to Takayama Station (2 hours):
Change train and take the Takayama Line to Takayama City.


Option 2: Tokyo Station → Nagoya Station → Takayama

1. From Tokyo Station to Nagoya Station (2 hours):
Take the Tokaido Shinkansen from Tokyo Station to Nagoya Station.

2. From Nagoya Station to Takayama Station (1.5 hours):
Change train and take the Hida Line to Takayama City.

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